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My last game at Millfield was most tense; my opponent opened with 1. G4 but due to my inexperience I wasn’t sure what to do as i knew this line had many traps and I needed a win to win the board.

Three years ago I could only have dreamed of playing for Bristol and here I was, playing alongside some of the best chess players in the country. I never thought I would make it that far especially due to the fact I am self taught and only started playing recently. It all started when I joined secondary school and someone offered me a game of chess and only knowing how the pieces moved I decided I would give it a go. I met up with the same person every lunch and lost every time. Becoming so fed up I started reading chess books and studying at night with my chess board. After about a year I was in love with the game, never to this day have I got bored of it.

After a rocky start I managed to find the winning move of 1.B7! Threatning to queen …Rxb7? 2.Ra7+! Winning the rook on B7, Millfield was a great experience and an opportunity to show Bristol that I can play chess. I finished my 7 games with 6.5/7 on board 12 winning the board prize. I am delighted and I thank our Team Manager John Stubbs for giving me this chance to play for Bristol. It was an honour. 

You can see one of Finn’s games from Millfield in the Games section.

  • Report by Finn Goodhew

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  1. J Stubbs

    Great to have you in the team Finn.. I enjoyed watching your games.. Certainly not board 12 next year !

  2. Chris Strong

    Great blog. I enjoyed meeting you and watching your games. Fantastic to have you in the team

  3. Finn

    Thank you for the invite. It was one of my best experiences!

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