Update – British Chess Championships

Now that the British Chess Championships has finished, here is a quick update on how our juniors performed.

Main Playing Hall

Their achievements are as follows :

  • Oliver Stubbs
    • U2050 – 3 out of 5 (2W,2D,1L) and winner of the Rating Prize with a performance of 1920. Well done Oli!
    • Rapidplay – 5 out of 9.
  • Chirag Hosdurga
    • U14s – 3.5/7 (3W,1D,3L). A tough junior section and a respectable performance from Chirag.
    • U2050 – 3 our 5 (3W, 2L). A solid performance.
    • Rapidplay – 5 out of 9
Chirag vs Richard Bowman at the Rapidplay
    • Toby Kan
      • U12s – 5 our 7 (4W,2D, 1). A strong performance from Toby, finishing 4th losing only one game to eventual winner Yichen Han and only just missing out on 3rd.
      • Rapidplay – 4.5 out of 9
    • Kandara Acharya
      • U12s – Although only 10, Kandara stepped up an age group to compete in the U12 finishing on 1.5/7. Although a low final score, this does not reflect Kandara’s solid play and tenacity in each game.
      • U100 – 3 out of 5 (2W,2D,1L). A great performance for Kandara, fighting for a placing until the last round.
Teamwork – Kandara, Oli and Toby analysing a game.

Whilst our juniors had a great opportunity to play some quality chess and test their abilities, it was also great to see them team building and having fun too.

Well done to all our juniors!

Finally, although the long drive up north was tiresome (and the drive back), our juniors and their families had a fantastic time in Hull.  The city had put in a lot of effort arranging many social events including film nights, city walks, outdoor chess and visits to local attractions. Whilst chess was the main focus, the Bristol Juniors and their families were great company enjoying meals and other activities together. Thank you to all the juniors and their families for a wonderful week in Hull.  There has been many great memories.

Hello from Hull – 105th British Chess Championships

Hello from Hull !

As the summer holiday starts most children (and parents) are looking forward to a long relaxing holiday to recharge their batteries.  However, some of our dedicated Bristol Juniors and their parents have made the 4+ hour journey up to Hull to compete in the 105th British Chess Championships.

Hull City Hall
Championship Playing Hall

There is a strong contingent of Bristol Juniors this year including :

  • Oliver Stubbs – Competing in the U2050 and Rapidplay
  • Chirag Hosdurga – Competing in the U14s and U2050
  • Toby Kan – Competing in the U12s and Rapidplay
  • Kandara Acharya – Competing in the U12s and U100
Micky Adams getting some advice from our juniors.

Although this is a Bristol Juniors website, let us not forget some of our Bristol senior players competing at the British.

  • Grant Daly – Competing in the U1750
  • Stephen Dilleigh – Competing in the Other 50s
  • Patryk Krzyzanowski  – Competing in the Championship
  • Richard Livermore – Competing in the U1750
  • John Stubbs – Competing in the U100
  • Shaun Walsh – Competing in the U120

Good luck to all our players.  Follow their progress here :

105th British Championships – Under 12s

105th British Championships – Under 14s

105th British Championships – Under 100

105th British Championships – Under 120

105th British Championships – Under 1750

105th British Championships – Under 2050

105th British Championships – Over 50s

105th British Championships – Championship

105th British Championships – Rapidplay

GigaFinals – Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge

Our Bristol juniors have recently been competing in the 3 GigaFinal stages of The UK Chess Challenge.  The Southern GigaFinal was held in Richmond on June 30th/July 1st, The Midland GigaFinal in Birmingham on July7th/July8th, The Northern GigaFinal in Manchester on July14th/July 15th.The top two players  in each section, both boys and girls, would qualify for The TeraFinal,  held in Peterborough, over the weekend of Sept 15th/16th.

Bristol Juniors at the Midlands GigaFinal

Then ‘The Delancey Schools Chess Challenge’ would be down to the last 200 player from the original 40,000 that started the tournament back in January. Pretty impressive if you could get there ?

The “Golden” TeraFinal Ticket

There was also the chance to qualify for the Challengers Tournament. This was a separate tournament for a player  who just missed out on qualifying for the Terifinal,  but still scored a very commendable 4/6 points.

All rounds of the GigaFinal were ECF  graded, with a rapidplay time control of 20 mins each- plus 10 secs per move.

The Bristol league juniors had 9 players competing for qualification to the Challengers and Terafinal.

They had already all done very well to qualify for the GigaFinals through their previous regional Megafinal stage.

Huge congratulations to the following:

TeraFinal Finalists :

Our Terafinal Finalists – Oli, Kandara and Chirag

Oliver Stubbs for qualifying for the Terifinal  through the Under15-18 section of the Midland GigaFinal .

Chirag Hosdurga for qualifying for the Terifinal through the Under 13 section of the Midland GigaFinal .

Kandara Acharya for qualifying for the Terifinal  through the Under 10 section  of the Midland GigaFinal .

Qualifiers for The Challengers :

Max Walker through the under 14 section at the Midland GigaFinal

Jack Tye through the under 14 section at the Midland GigaFinal

Toby Kan through the under 12 section at the Northern GigaFinal

Jonathan Zeng through the under 10 section at the Midland GigaFinal

Jack and Max

Incidentally, Maria Eze and Aron Saunders just missed out on qualifying by half a point !

Aron – giving his opponent a headache.

Up and coming Dwiti Acharya  score a solid 3/5 in the under 8 girls at the Midland GigaFinal

What great effort by all 🙂

Coming up we have the TeraFinal and Challengers tournaments in September, and over the weekend of Oct 13th/14th  our Bristol League Juniors have been invited to compete in The Millfield International Chess tournament with teams from all over the UK.

We have accepted and our 12 board team is as follows:

  • Chirag Hosdurga   –  North Bristol
  • Oliver Stubbs         –  Downend & Fishponds
  • Max Walker            –  Clevedon
  • Toby Kan                – Downend & Fishponds
  • Yuvraj Kumar        –  Downend &Fishponds
  • Nick Cunliffe          –  Clevedon
  • Jack Tye                –  Downend & Fishponds
  • Aron Saunders      –  Downend & Fishponds
  • Maria Eze              –  South Bristol
  • Jonathan Zeng      – Horfield
  • Fedor Turetskiy     –  Downend & Fishponds
  • Kandara Acharya  – North Bristol
  • Dwiti Acharya        – North Bristol

More news to follow on this !

John Stubbs (Bristol & District League Junior Officer)

Bristol Juniors V Chepstow Juniors – Tuesday July 3rd, 7pm

It was the first friendly of the year, for our newly formed  Bristol Juniors team. On this occasion it was a mixture of players from Downend & Fishponds chess club, North Bristol chess club and South Bristol Chess club. This is great opportunity for juniors from different clubs to play together and get to know each other a lot better
We had a  team of nine players, and the match was formatted so each  player got two games of 20 mins plus ten secs per move.
Our team:
Board one – Oliver Stubbs
Board two- Toby Kan
Board three- Jack Tye
Board four –  Aron Saunders
Board five – Fedor Turetskiy
Board six – Maria Eze
Board seven – Kandara Acharya
Board eight – Dwiti Acharya
Board nine – Bilal Ahmed
Aron v Rachel
In Game One we managed to take a strong  lead with a very impressive 7-2 scoreline. There were wins from board one to five, and also boards seven  and nine. However, the scoreline was a bit flattering, and not a true reflection of how close most of the matches were. Most results not  being decided until the last few minute of each game, or in several instances, with just increments left to play with.
Kandara Acharya

There was then a 30 mins break, and a fantastic buffet put on for the players, and parents, by Chepstow Junior organiser Julie Macintosh.

Then to Game Two, which was again very keenly contested. Chepstow fought back, and we narrowly edged it with  a 5-4 scoreline, with wins on boards one, two, four and six, and draws on boards  seven and nine.

Jack Tye

The final score was  12 – 6 to us, and was great practice for the upcoming Midland and North Gigafinals that several of our players are going to  play in. (more news on the Gigafinals next week, after the final Gigafinal in Manchester on July 22nd)



Oliver Stubbs and Toby Kan
Toby Kan
Fedor Turetskiy
Maria Eze
Bilal Ahmed
Chepstow were great hosts, the match was very friendly, yet competitive nonetheless, and we were pleased to have Tyson Mordue and Richard Livermore there to support the team.

There will be other friendlies arranged over the year, and for these we hope to welcome other juniors from other Bristol and District chess clubs, to come and play for the team.

John Stubbs (Bristol & District League Junior Officer)