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       Annual General Meeting


 Thursday     27th May 2010      at 7.30pm        at the Filton Leisure Centre, Elm Rd Filton


Agenda            ( Download Agenda )

1. Opening Remarks

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Minutes of previous AGM and Matters Arising

4. Reports from Officers

5.      a. Resolution adopting Reports and Accounts

          b. Team Subscriptions (Fees) for the next year.

6. Presentation of Trophies and Certificates                       ( See Trophy Winner File )

7.  Election of Officers for the year 2010 / 2011 (Constitution B.5.)

The Following Officers are nominated by the LMC for election / re-election.

Post Candidate   Post Candidate
President Mike Minshall ECF Representative John Paines
Vice president Stuart Iles Grand Prix Organiser Steve Woolgar
Chairman John Paines Junior Organiser Peter Saunders
General Secretary Roger Williams Recruitment & Publicity Officer Peter Saunders
Match Secretary David Tipper Webmaster David Tipper
Treasurer Peter Saunders 4NCL Team Manager David Buckley
Congress secretary Graham Mill-Wilson Auditor Martyn Sellars


8.LMC Motions

Motion 1

The LMC proposes the following Amendments to Constitution [for grammatical precision]


A.2. The objectives of the League shall be to:

                 Promote interest in and to encourage the study and practice of chess;

                 give advice on all chess matters;

                 organize and carry out championships and competitions between clubs and individual players in membership with the League.

(Change “with” to “of”)  -  [in membership of the League]

B.5. An Election of a League Officer shall be conducted by Transferable Voting. A vote shall be taken for all the declared candidates.

(change “all” to “each of “)        i.e.: -“An Election of a League Officer shall be conducted by Transferable Voting. A vote shall be taken for each of the declared candidates.”

[As a constitutional amendment this change, if passed, requires to be ratified at the following year's AGM.]


Motion 2

The LMC proposes the following Amendments to Rules

Rule 3.4 - delete 3.4.c. (Smoking venues no longer allowed)

3.4     Fixtures

a. all as before

b. all as before




Rule 4, 5 & 6 [Deletion of reference to Adjudication and supporting provisions in rules 5 & 6

NOTE New provision in Rule 6.4.d. specifies that a continuation session is conducted under the quickplay ending arrangements as for the standard rates of play established in Rule 6.4.c.

[(DELETION) denotes that words have been excised without any change to the surrounding text.]




Any game unfinished at the end of a playing session under the alternative rate of play shall be resolved by continuation. (DELETION)

a. In any game unfinished at the end of a playing session for which the competition rules permit, (DELETION) the player to move at the end of the playing session should first seal a continuation move and give custody of it to his opponent before stopping the clocks, regardless of whether he or his opponent wish to continue.

b. (DELETION) The game shall be continued at the away player's Bristol League club premises, (DELETION) but the venue for any continuation may be varied by mutual agreement at any time.

c. all as before

d. all as before


5.2 Claiming a Draw  Draw claims under FIDE Law D1 shall be submitted to the Match Secretary who shall where necessary consult an arbiter.          (DELETION)

Any unresolved claims shall be dealt with by the LMC, whose decision, having regard to the opinions of the arbiter (DELETION) shall be final. If at any stage the draw claim is withdrawn or rejected, the claimant shall lose the game; if the claim is rejected, the club of the claimant shall also be fined 3. If the claim is successful, the club of the claimant’s opponent shall be fined 3.


6.4 Playing Sessions & Rates of Play

a.       all as before

b.       all as before

c.       all as before

d. Players on any single board may agree before the start of the game to use the alternative rate of play applicable to that division. Games played using the alternative rates of play shall be designated as such on the team scoresheet before the start of the match by a means specified to clubs by the Match Secretary. In division 1 the alternative rate of play shall be 36 moves in 1 hours followed by 24 moves in every hour. The alternative rate of play in divisions 2, 3 and 4 shall be 42 moves in 1 hours followed by 6 moves every hour. In all other divisions the alternative rate of play shall be 32 moves in 65 minutes followed by 6 moves every hour. In any agreed continuation session all moves shall be completed in 1 hours and quickplay finishes (Rule 5) shall apply


e. all as before


6.5 (DELETION of existing item)

This causes renumbering as follows: -

6.5 Default of Games

6:6 Resignation or Dismissal of Team

Rule 9            The LMC having found it increasingly difficult in recent years to organize a Summer Lightning Competition propose to change the wording from "The LMC shall organize" to "The LMC may organize" as follows


All other competitions shall be played according to rules laid down by the LMC. The LMC may organize a Summer Lightning Competition, an Individual Knock-Out competition, Individual Championships to be decided by a weekend congress open only to Members, and other competitions as it sees fit.


  9. Election of Life Vice-Presidents

10. Bristol Chess Educational Trust

Trustees Report

Donation from the League

11. Membership of the Friends of Chess

12. Any other business.





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