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League AGM   2010     27th May 2010    Filton Leisure Centre, Bristol

( John  Paines in the Chair )

AGM Agenda & Motions 2010  

The reports from League Officers concerning the 2009 - 2010 season were heard and and the trophy presentations took place along with the election of officers and AGM Motions which were carried unanimously.

Trophy Winners 2009 - 2010

Reports from Officers:

  Congress Secretary Report 2010        Match Secretary & Webmaster Report 2010 Grand Prix Report 2010

Election of Officers:

Post Candidate   Post Candidate
President Mike Minshall ECF Representative John Paines
Vice president Stuart Iles Grand Prix Organiser Steve Woolgar
Chairman John Paines Junior Organiser Peter Saunders
General Secretary Roger Williams Recruitment & Publicity Officer Peter Saunders
Match Secretary David Tipper Webmaster David Tipper
Treasurer Peter Saunders 4NCL Team Manager David Buckley
Congress secretary Graham Mill-Wilson Auditor Martyn Sellars


Annual General Meeting Précis Report

Thursday 27th May 2010

At 7:45 pm Filton Leisure Centre, Bristol

The Chairman [John Paines] recorded the passing of two League players: Jonathan Latham of Clevedon, and Graeme Thomson of Clifton, - a minute's silence was observed in their memory.

Grading & Congress Secretary:

Graham Mill-Wilson reported that all events had shown a marked decrease in entries. The League congress had fallen by 25% to only 30 entrants. Many different suggestions had been considered, and he would remain open to further suggestions. The problem in a nutshell was one of critical mass, which meant that below a certain size the sections and grading bands became unstable.

Recruitment / Juniors:

Peter Saunders reported that he still hoped for someone to take over the Job of recruitment.

The Junior Team - 'Pete's Potentials' were doing well in the League [Div 4.], and teams had been in National Junior events, with local Schools also involved.

West of England Chess Union Representative

Roger Hardy reported a congress to be held in Taunton in September and a Jamboree event, both of which he thought merited publicity on our website.

4 Nations Chess League

David Buckley reported that there were now 3 teams with the new team 3 having some success, especially Steve Woolgar. He was particularly grateful to all those who had helped with transport. Also Captains Lew Dunlop, Ed Bromilow, and J Humphries.

Match Secretary  & Webmaster:

Dave Tipper reported the outcome of Divisions, Knockouts and other Trophies, with statistics and details of Website operations. He mentioned that the new Division Grade Thresholds were expected to be similar to those outgoing. He asked that members check their grades, which he had posted on the website.

Grand Prix Acting-Secretary:

Steve Woolgar reported statistics of the current round. Events increased from 9 to 11 and he thanked all those participants [116] and organizers.

ECF Representative: John Paines reported that J Walsh had now been replaced by C J de Mooi in the chair. He would himself be the vice-Chairman. M White had not been made Treasurer. Gareth Keller had been appointed and the £60k government Grant had been reinstated. An increase of 4p in the game fee was to be expected. A Certificate of Merit Scheme was now in place. The New Board had been supported by G Karpov.

Treasurer:  Peter Saunders reported the League’s financial activities according to the statements of Income & Expenditure, and Funds held, as signed by the Auditor Martyn Sellars, which had been circulated. Some cost increases such as having to pay now for accommodation that had previously been free at the University, were unavoidable. To break even he expected to raise an additional £400 of income, and would have to propose an increase in fees. He would also wish to levy fines on late-payers.

5. Resolutions

The Chairman called for a resolution to adopt the accounts and the reports from Officers, which was approved with general acclaim.

The Treasurer proposed that the new level of Team Subscriptions be; ­-

                        For teams of 6 players - £39 p.a. for Teams of 4 players £26 pa.

                        The proposal was approved nem con.

Text Box: Division 2                    Thornbury
Division 1                    Clifton A


6.  Trophies & Certificates were awarded and presented as follows;


            Division 4                      Yate B

            Division 3                      Bath University

League Knockout              Bath

Minor LKO                     South Bristol

Text Box:  


       Alan Ashby Salver         J Jackson


S Boniface Memorial - [in 10 moves!]     D Peters

7.  Election of Officers:

The League Management Committee had made nominations as follows: -

President                                  Mike Minshall                for re-election

Vice President                           Stuart Iles

Chairman                                  John Paines                  for re-election

General Secretary                     Roger Williams  for re-election

Match Secretary                        Dave Tipper                  for re-election

Treasurer                                  Peter Saunders for re-election

Congress Secretary                  Graham Mill-Wilson        for re-election

ECF Representative                  John Paines                 for re-election

Grand Prix Secretary                 Steven Woolgar

Junior Organiser                        Peter Saunders for re-election

Recruitment & Publicity               Peter Saunders for re-election

Webmaster                               Dave Tipper                  for re-election

4NCL Team Manager                 David Buckley   for re-election

Auditor   [not LMC]                    Martyn Sellars   for re-election


It was proposed by the Chairman that, "there being no other nominations the Committee be elected en bloc according to the list circulated". This was seconded by R Hardy, and carried unanimously.

8.  LMC Motions The Chairman proposed the Motions on behalf of the LMC as circulated.

Motion 1.

Minor Grammatical changes to the Constitution.  

                        A2 'with' changed to 'of',… and ..

                        B5 'all' to 'each of'.

                        These changes to be ratified next year.

Motion 2.

Rules 4, 5, & 6 regarding unfinished games, to allow for the cessation                                                     of the adjudication system.

Rule 9

"the LMC may organize", in place of "shall organize". to allow default if no interest by members.

Rule 3  amendment to motion -

Rule 3.4.c. now reads "Smoking is not permitted in the playing area for any matches in any League competition."

            These motions were carried unanimously




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