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Bristol Grand Prix Final Tables  2017 - 2018

Grand Prix Table 2017-18 xlsx                       Grand Prix Table 2017-18 Pdf

 Bristol Chess Grand Prix Rules.doc             Steve Woolgar   knightskies@sky.com          

Grand Prix guidelines (info for players)       Grand prix Guidelines explained.doc


Entry is automatic to any player registered for a team in the Bristol and District Chess League upon entry to any tournament stating that it is part of the Bristol Chess Grand Prix.  This also extends to members of clubs where a club may have to withdraw during the season.

There is no entry fee, the contribution to the prize fund is paid for by the tournaments themselves.

The Grand Prix season runs from May 1st to April 30th to allow prizes to be given out at the League AGM.

The August grading list shall be used for the purposes of sorting players into grading bands.  With the ECF moving towards publication of gradings twice yearly, the mid season grading list will be used only to assign gradings to players who are currently ungraded.  As a result, the grades listed on the Grand Prix are unlikely to correspond with the mid-season grading list – please do not contact me to point out that the grades are incorrect following the mid-season grading lists are issued!!

Scoring:  Each player scores for every event they take part in.  The formula for calculating the score is:  Total score for event multiplied by event multiplier.  There are no limits on how many events get counted towards a player’s score.

Prizes:  There will be a cash prize for the top three players in each grading section.  In addition, a team prize will be awarded based upon the scores of the highest five scores made by a player from any club.  A team shall remain eligible for the team prize even if they resign from the League, providing the club still operates as a chess club.  The best junior (across all sections) will also be awarded the Junior trophy.

The total value of the prizes is dependent upon the number of tournaments participating in the Grand Prix.  Prizes will be equal across all graded sections.  Should funds permit, extra prizes may be awarded at the discresion of the Grand Prix Secretary.

In the event of a tie, then the person who has entered the greater number of events shall be placed in the higher position.  Should this still result in a tie then the prizes will be shared equally (for example if 1st and 2nd is a tie then the prize fund will be the combined total of the two amounts divided between the two players).

Tables are updated after each event; it is the responsibility of the players to check to see if they believe there are any errors and to notify the Grand Prix Secretary.  Any issues must be raised before April 30th to allow the prize funds to be allocated and prepared for the League AGM.

Any unclaimed prizes (6 months after cheque date issue/AGM) will be returned to the prize pool for the following year


Please check these results and feel free to contact me if you think there are any errors. 

Also contact me if there are any clubs planning events that they want them included.

Steve Woolgar

Tel: 0117 960 6158

email: knightskies@sky.com










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