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 Congress Secretary Report

The Bristol Winter Congress 2015 was held at the Bristol Grammar School from Feb 20th-22nd.  There were 82 entries in the 3 sections.  We have a new permanent venue at BGS and will be having 3-4 congresses every year.  The venue could hold 140 players, let us hope we have the problem of getting near to capacity.  Players came from far and wide.  Luis in the Open flew in from Glasgow.  A pair drove down from Newcastle and Kent.  And 2 in the Open from Switzerland.  Rosie from Hereford was the big surprise of the event.  She was the caterer.  It was her first professional outing and she will be at all future congresses.  She takes pride in her home made cakes and sandwiches and was a big success.  Next time she will be serving soup.

FIDE rated Open

This was our first Fide rated event in Bristol and for that we are lucky to have our own local FIDE registered arbiter in Geoff Gammon (Downend).  The tournament printout details were much appreciated in all 3 sections.  For the Open, 30 second increments were added to the clock after each move.  This is in line with most international events these days and provides for a more honest result, as opposed to the guillotine finish

All games in the Open Section can viewed online here

The winner of the Open was Patryk Krzyzanowski, despite his car breaking down and having an unwanted bye in round 1.  He finished 4/5 to win sole first prize.
2nd prize was shared amongst 5 players:  Peter Kirby, Stephan Meek, Lewis Martin, Matthew Payne and Alistar Hill.
Matthew Payne (graded 'only' 1964) was our surprise early leader with 2/2, winning against the top 2 seeds- Kambez Nuri (Switzerland FM2330) who happens to coach promising 14 yr old Thomas Goldie (Switzerland & Millfield FIDE 2022).  Matthew also defeated 2nd seed Alistar Hill (Battersea, occasionally Clifton Fide 2133).  Alistar's progress is quite remarkable- his ECF grade has improved 90 points in 9 years- very difficult to do for a non junior.
Special mention must go to 13 yr old Theo Slade (Barnstaple FIDE 1961) , winner of a grading prize and one to watch for the future.

We hope to attract GMs for future events.  GM Matthew Turner and Keith Arkell are possible for our next weekend April 17th-19th, followed by the weekend of Aug 22nd

Alan Papier    chinadoc@chinadoc.force9.co.uk






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