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Steve Boniface Memorial Congress Congress 2017      August 25 - 27th    Bristol Grammar School

From the Frontline -   Jon Fisher's report on the weekend congress


88 players competed in the three sections over the bank holiday weekend.  There were 19 juniors taking part throughout the weekend and in Round Four James Wallman aged 89 played Matthew Timbrell aged just 9 - an 80 year age gap ! 

Geoff Gammon was thrown into a dilemma after a round two game in the open section assisted by the 30 sec increment carried right through the saturday lunch break threatening his smooth delivery of the pairings for Rd 3 !

Fide Open Section

All the games in the Fide Open are available here

PGN       CBV       ONLINE



Watch a video of the Rd 4 Board 1 Clash between Attila Reznak & Ashley Stewart

15 year old Koby Kalavannan won the Fide Open Section with four straight wins after taking a bye on friday evening

1st  Koby Kalavannan   4.5/5

2nd Fabrizio Magrini   4/5

3rd =     3.5/5  Attila Reznak, Ashley Stewart, Gareth Morris, Carl Bicknell, Simon Wilks


Fide Open Section - more photos


Steve Dilleigh v Attila Reznak


Joseph Turner v Andrew Borkowski

Attila & Fab





  Leon Burnett








Players in the Open Section

Fabrizio & Koby cash in

Fabrizio Magrini - finished 2nd on 4/5

Attila Reznak - finished in 3rd place

Top Boards Round 4

Gareth Morris - joint 3rd place

Chris Beaumont - no prize money for Chris !

Stephen Homer

Carl Bicknell - joint 3rd place

Adam Musson


Fabrizio on the left, Ashley Stewart in the background


Joseph Turner

Jon Fisher

Matthew Wilson 1st =

Chris Strong

Major Section  ( U155 )

SBMC Major Crosstables

1st = 4/5

Stephen M Williams, Devan Patel, Matthew Wilson

Devan Patel - Joint winner of the Major

Stephen Williams - Joint winner of the Major

Max Walker










Arthur Hibbitt

Toby Kan

Lynn Fursman

Rachel McIntosh

Tim Jones

David Rogers

Matthew Timbrell ( aged 9 ) - Finished in equal 3rd place

Kumar Yuvraj - Finished in equal 3rd place


Minor Section  ( U125 )

SBM Minor - Crosstables

31 players competed in the minor section along with a stack of junior players which is very encouraging.  Tomas won outright first place and seems to be making a habit of finishing up with the prize money.  Next time he has said he will try his luck in the Major Section 

1st  Tomas Jankowski  4.5/5

Luca Buanne  2nd Place   4/5




Bentley Pilton Brandes

Graham Strickland


 Bethany Austin ( left ) v  Joy Fursman ( right )

Kevin Markey

James Wallman

The oldest competitor at 89 but James managed to score a healthy 50% score.

Chris Smith











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