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Grand Prix Secretary Report 2008 - 2009    -   Geoff Gammon


After the bumper season of last year it was inevitable that the only way was down and this was indeed the case. With the number of participating events down by 25% the contributions from those events is correspondingly lower and totals 274.00. I have been able to supplement this from the small reserves in the a/c and the Prize Fund stands at 300.00 which I believe is a realistic amount to support 14 prizes.


Nine events subscribed to the Grand Prix this year and of those four were League based and five were Club based and my thanks to the organizers, both for running the events and for including them in the Grand Prix.


Over the year 110 League members from 20 clubs and schools (this is up from 18 in 07/08) competed in the nine events on 258 occasions scoring a total of 4,563 Grand Prix points. Seven players scored 100 points or more.


The Prizewinners are as follows


          Open                     1st      Dominic Bennett              Clifton                   40.00

                                      2nd     Ed Varley                       Downend               20.00

                                      3rd      Chris Beaumont              Clifton                   10.00


          Major                    1st      Geoff Gammon               Downend              40.00

                                      2nd     Simon Denney                 Bristol Univ. 20.00

                                      3rd      Patrick Flexman              Grendel                 10.00


          Intermediate           1st      Graham Mill-Wilson        Yate                      40.00

                                      2nd     David Woodruff              Keynsham             20.00

                                      3rd      Patrick Sartain                 Keynsham             10.00


          Minor                    1st      Graham Strickland           Horfield                 40.00

                                      2nd     Michael Meadows            Bristol Univ. 20.00

                                      3rd      Philip Burnett                  Grendel                 10.00


          Junior                    1st      Matthew Wilson              Downend               5.00 + Trophy


          Team                    1st      Bristol & Clifton                                          15.00


The format will change in the 2009-2010 season with specific grading bands replacing the present more general section headings. These bands will be amended appropriately when the new gradings become active. 


Anyone wishing to register an event should contact me on   0117 983 0858

email:  geoffgammon@yahoo.co.uk      


Geoff Gammon     ( Grand Prix Secretary )







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