History of the Bristol & District League

First published in 1982

This edition, © 1997-98, The Bristol & District Chess League. All rights reserved.

In 1982, the League celebrated its 75th anniversary. To commemorate it, a special edition of the Bristol Chesstimes was produced containing the following Foreword, a League history. and potted histories of all the clubs and some other items. My thanks to David Woodruff for the loan of his copy.

John Richards, 10 January 1998


History of the League Bristol & Clifton Hanham & Kingswood Sea Mills
Bristol Chesstimes Bristol Civil Service Horfield & Montpelier Sun Life
Bristol Chess Educational Trust Bristol Omnibus Keynsham Thornbury
Hanover Exchange Bristol Y.M.C.A. Little Thatch University of Bristol
Individual KO Competition Cabot Nailsea & Congresbury Whitchurch
Junior Chess Assoc. Downend & Fishponds Pegasus Winterbourne
League Congress Grendel Phoenix Yatton & Clevedon
Manor Tyres Congress


As part of the celebrations for the League's seventy fifth anniversary year, the League Management Committee decided to commission a special edition of the Bristol Chesstimes to be distributed free to every member of the League.

Following the example of a smaller booklet published in 1957 to commemorate the League's 50th anniversary, the edition was planned to include histories of all the clubs registered with the League at the present time and a description of all the important events in the history of the League. Due to considerations of space and cost, some items have had to be left out but we hope that we've got the priorities right and that a realistic picture of Chess in Bristol during the last seventy-five years has been presented.

On Behalf of the League and the Chesstimes, I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the issue and to the army of typists who helped to make such a gigantic venture possible.

Alex. Easton
Assistant Editor, The Bristol Chesstimes,
Assistant Secretary, Bristol and District Chess League.